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Laser Science Technology Fair No. F-7
  6-29-34-103 Ookurayama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama-shi

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In our company, a professional of making things is responsible for design. It is because think that if not familiar to actually experience the know-how of making things, can not be a better design. Only because designers were making things familiar, it becomes possible to create an optimal jigs and tools in accordance with the purpose, we can make a high more of the complete product. Customers in 100% your satisfaction like, we will correspond with responsibility from the stage of design in our company.

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Tiny Ultrasonic Linear Actuator

Generally the ultrasonic motor is mechanism, by the piezoelectric effect of pezoelectrical ceramic it converts ultrasonic vibration movement into linear or rotary movement. Because of using frictional force,
motor can completely stop without power by that frictional force.

Hollow Shaft Motor

The motor in the coreless type of motor, is capable of high-speed rotation from the ultra-low-speed rotation.
High-precision positioning control by switching the control mode can also be easily.
To allow the mounting of optical components, the continued also received design and manufacture of the mounting flange.

Voice Coil Motor

Single Coil, unnecessary rectifier circuit, coggingless.
So easy to increase the gain of the driver, it is capable of high-speed response.
Drive mode can be selected coil moving or magnet (York) moving.

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4D Technology Corporation
  Lika Electronic
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