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Spectral Application Research Laboratory Inc. (SARLI)

Spectroscopy Fair No. B-4
  Nakaku Wajiyama3-1-7 Hamamatsu Innovation Cube(HI_Cube)211 Hamamatsu City Shizuoka Pref. Japan

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    PHONE:053-523-9605 FAX:053-523-9605

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・Demonstration of spectral imaging measurement by using our company’s spectral camera Spect-CAM-100vis and introduction of 2nd dimensional analysis (esp. 2nd dim. color information and constructed information by each spectral). Measurement, Data transformation to each wave’s imaging data, Standardization (reflection images by using standard’s White and Black), Spectral draw (point or ROI), And introduction of synthesizer by color matching function or your original function.
・Existence of Small spectral imaging unit (Spect-100vis) may bring you new imagination for solving your problem.


 ● Products
Spectral Imaging Unit (Spect100vis,nir1)

Spectral imaging unit (Spect100vis,nir1) was developed in our company (Spectral application research laboratory Inc (SARLI)). Aberration (Both spatial axis & wavelength’s axis) is mostly free (380-780nm range, 1/3 inch size) . Weight is 230 gram.
There is a near infrared version (600-1100nm).

Spectral Imaging Camera (Spect-CAM-100vis)

Spectral Camera (Spect-CAM-100vis) is newly developed including new small and mostly aberration free spectral imaging unit (spect-100vis) and precise rigid scanning unit. This camera and 2nd dimensional spectral measurement system (software) is tactical machine that serves you appropriately. Software is tuned for 2nd dimensional evaluation color (visible range).

Spectrometer (SPECTRAL POD vis)

Spectrometer (SPECTRAL POD_vis) (340-750nm) will be demonstrated. This spectrometer is for the sky or an atmospheric spectroscopy. (Bluetooth)

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4D Technology Corporation
  Lika Electronic
LIMO Lissotschenko Microoptik GmbH