Light / Laser Applied Sensor Fair Planning CooperationSENS>AIT Project


Sensors are rapidly growing to almost a ¥10 trillion JPY market by integration with IoT, AI, and Network Systems. Sensors have been used as indispensable devices in consumer products, as well as industrial development in various fields such as robots, automobiles, security, defense, medical / nursing care, environment / weather, and measurement / inspection. Optical engineering and laser science hold prominent positions as key technologies in the sensors industry and companies are continuing to develop new advances. The Light and Laser Applied Sensor Fair brings these companies together with the related audience from science and industry.

Items on Display

  • Light sensor, CMOS sensor, CCD sensor, Laser sensor, Photoelectric sensor, Infrared sensor, LIDAR sensor, Light receiving element, Illuminance, Proximity sensor, Brightness sensor, Color sensor, Image sensor, Camera, Optical distance measuring sensor, Optical position sensor (PSD), Optical fiber sensor, Photo interrupter, Photodiode, Phototransistor, Photo micro sensor, Photoreflector, Spectroscopic sensor, Spectrometer, Radiation temperature sensor, Photo coupler, Laser Doppler meter, Rotary encoder, Various light MEMS sensor, Various optical IC sensors and other related equipment / measuring equipment / peripheral equipment etc.
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