SPIE国際会議「Future Sensing Technologies」

世界最大規模Photonics West主催のSPIEが開催する国際会議です。(聴講有料)※ポスターセッションは無料

【Short Course】

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Wireless Power Transfer (WPT)
Introduction to LIDAR for Autonomous Vehicles


Session 1: Future Sensing Technologies I
Overview of JAXA Earth Observation Satellites
The European Space Agency’s Aeolus Satellite: The first wind lidar in space
Evaluation result of the performance of optical navigation electronics of HAYABUSA2
Novel imaging of inner to outer space
Session PS: Poster Session
Session 2: Future Sensing Technologies II
Plastic waste monitoring and recycling by hyperspectral imaging technology
Lidars designed for autonomous vehicles and for monitoring insects and fish
Waveguide AR HUDs: A critical enabler for autonomous vehicles
Multimodal imaging based digital holography