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* Science Photonics Fair consists of the 6 exhibition and Special Zone below.
IR Fair Optical Thin Film Fair

Spectroscopy Fair UV Fair

Laser Science Technology Fair Optics / Prototype Processing Fair

Laser Lighting-Display Zone

Exhibition Outline

* Date:14-16 November, 2017 10:00〜17:00
* Venue:Science Museum, Tokyo
* Supported / Cooperated by: Japan Photonics Council(JPC) / The Optical Society of Japan (OSJ) / Laser Society of Japan / The Spectroscopical Society of Japan / The Japan Society of Infrared Science and Technology / The Optical Thin-Film Science and Engineering group / JPC - Ultra Violet Light Research Group / Consortium of Visible Laser Diode Applications
* Concurrent event : 8th Optical Science Forum Summit

Science Photonics Fair 2017 Report

Visitor Number 【6 Fairs and 1 zone】
Nov.14 (Tue) Nov.15 (Wed) Nov.16 (Thu) Total
1,275 1,573 1,613 4,461
Number of Exhibitors
  139 companies & group
Exhibitor list (2017)

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