Spectroscopy Fair Planning cooperationThe Spectroscopical Society of Japan

Items on Display

  • [Various spectroscopic measurement / analysis equipment]
    Absorption spectroscopy, Emission spectroscopy, Visible / Ultraviolet spectroscopy, Infrared / Raman spectroscopy, Terahertz spectroscopy, Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, Light scattering spectroscopy, Photoelectron spectroscopy, Photo-acoustic spectroscopy, Acousto-optical spectroscopy
  • [Spectroscopic element / device]
    Prism, Mirror, Lens, Diffraction grating, Spectroscope, Spectrometer, Monochromator, Micro-spectroscopic element
  • [Spectrometer and peripheral equipment for each use]
    Biometric measurement device, Material measuring device, Molecular spectrometer, Colorimeter, Mobile spectrometer, Microspectroscopic imaging system, Display spectrometer, Film thickness measuring device, Atomic absorption spectrometer, Spectrum analyzer, ICP analyzer, Ultrafast spectroscope, Ultrashort pulse laser, Near infrared analyzer, High-speed non-destructive measurement device, Liquid material inspection device, Medical spectroscopic imaging device, Astronomical observation spectroscopic device, Multimode spectroscopic altimeter, DLP device, Other related equipment
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