Optical Thin Film Fair Planning cooperationThe Optical Thin-Film Science and Engineering group


Thin film technologies are used in a wide range of fields like antireflective coatings for glasses and cameras, filters for transmitting or reflecting a specific wavelength. Applications range from simple building glass to super multilayer filters for large-capacity optical communication systems, transparent conductive films for photovoltaic cells, and liquid crystal display panels. Thin film technologies are also an important technology for the productions of display devices, optical memories, and thin-film photovoltaic cells. The Optical Thin Film Fair gathers companies working in the latest optical thin film coatings and manufacturing and connects them with customers and suppliers.

Items on Display

  • [Optical thin film application product]
    Camera lens, Eyeglass lens, Optical filter, Enhanced reflection mirror, Half mirror, Anti-reflective coating, Multi-layer eco-glass (LOWE film), Selective absorption film (solar water heater, etc.), Other optical thin film application product
  • [Optical thin-film manufacturing / processing equipment / materials]
  • [Optical thin film design software]
  • [Optical thin film peripheral equipment, / related equipment, Other]
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