Visualization Technology Fair


The word “visualization” refers to making visible what was originally invisible to the eye, a requirement that has existed since ancient times and the microscope is a familiar example.
In today’s highly information-oriented society, there is a growing demand for information to be transmitted without deformation, at high speed, and with high accuracy. Such demands are placing high expectations on visual information technology.
To meet this demand, visualization technologies for seeing the invisible are rapidly developing, and technologies with new functions are evolving in various areas.
There are a wide range of technologies that aim at “visualization,” including the rapidly developing THz technology and Raman spectroscopy. Science Photonics Fair established “Visualization Technology Zone” in 2022, focusing on these individual “visualization” technologies and providing an excellent opportunity for specialized manufacturers from different fields to gather together and compare the characteristics, merits, and applications of each technology. From 2023, It will be held as the “Visualization Technology Fair”.

Items on Display

– THz Imaging, Near Infrared LED, Raman Spectroscopic Imaging, OCT, Infrared Camera, TOF Camera, Polarization Camera, Quantum Camera, Thermography, Fiber Optic Sensing, LiDar, Laser etc.
– Image sharpening software

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