IR Fair


Infrared waves are a hot industry topic because of military applications like night vision and long-range sensing. The development of related technologies is also supported by government funding. Materials in the infrared region are relatively abundant and get practical realization quickly in the form of lasers. Infrared waves are also applied in a wide range of fields such as security / defense sensors, observation / research sensors, temperature sensors, remote sensing, astronomical optics, infrared communication (IrDA), wireless remote control, vein authentication, and non-destructive inspection / measurement. IR Fair introduces advanced infrared products and technologies in a dedicated business environment.

Items on Display

  • [Infrared materials / parts]
    Infrared glass, Infrared crystal, Infrared material, Infrared film / plate, Infrared lens, Infrared filter, Infrared laser, Infrared semiconductor laser, Infrared LED / module, Infrared lamp, Infrared light source, Infrared imaging device, Infrared photodiode, Other IR-related materials / parts
  • [Infrared products / systems / software]
    Infrared LED lighting, Infrared spectrometer, Infrared microscopy / Infrared zoom microscope, Thickness gauge infrared, Infrared gas concentration sensor, Infrared radiation temperature sensors, Thermal image measurement device, Biometric authentication device / inspection equipment, Night vision device / Night vision, Image processing software, Other infrared sensor, Infrared camera, Infrared thermography, Infrared surveillance camera system, Infrared digital camera, Remote sensing system, Infrared remote control, Infrared communication system, Other infrared-related products and systems
  • [Other]
    Heat source equipment, Infrared peripheral equipment / devices, Support equipment, Infrared associated software, Other related equipment, Parts, Equipment, Systems
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