Optional Service

* In the case of consumption tax rate change, we will apply the tax rate at the time of the event and charge additionally.

Exhibitor seminar

Exhibitors have the opportunity to present their new products, technologies or solutions to the EXPO attendees with their own seminar, which is a great way to give in-depth explanation about the features and background.

Venue :
Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center, Hamamatsucho kan
Date :
11 (Wed) – 13 (Fri) November 2020
Price :
50 minutes JPY 80,000 (Exc. tax) / 1 session
Basic facilities :
Projector for PC, screen, 2 microphones
Capacity :
50 attendees

* Free charge for attendee as basic rule.


Schedule 12 (Tue) November 13 (Wed) November 14 (Thu) November
11:00~11:50 A F K
12:45~13:35 B G L
13:50~14:40 C H M
14:55~15:45 D I N
16:00~16:50 E J O

Website banner ads (Science Photonics Fair website)

Display period :
Mid October – 13 (Fri) November 2020
Big banner :
JPY 80,000 (Exc. tax)
Size : W200 x H200 pixel
Regular banner :
JPY 40,000 (Exc. tax)
Size : W200 x H100 pixel
Application deadline :
25 (Fri) September 2020
Manuscript deadline :
2 (Fri) October 2020

* If you require us to design your banner, it will be charged at actual cost.
 We offer a 20% discount with Fair guide book ads.
 Please contact us for more information.

Advertisement for OPTRONICS Magazine November issue (a special issue for fairs)

Circulation :
12,000 copies plus a bonus 3,000 copies to be circulated at fairs.
Listing fees :
1P 4 colors – JPY 260,000 (Exc. tax)
1P 2 colors – JPY 150,000 (Exc. tax)
1P 1 color – JPY 120,000 (Exc. tax)
Application deadline :
5 (Mon) October 2020
Manuscript deadline :
9 (Fri) October 2020

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