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Application by 30th June 2017 : You can recieve a 5% discount of exhibition fee.
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First time exhibitor can recieve a 10% discount of exhibition fee.
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 IR Fair
 Optical Thin Film Fair
 Spectroscopy Fair
 UV Fair
 Laser Science Technology Fair
 Optics Fair
 Laser Lighting - Display Zone  

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[Table-top booth]

 Membership of Organizer or Cooperation Organization - JPY 190,000 (Inc. tax, JPY 205,200)
 General - JPY 200,000 (Inc. tax, JPY 216,000)

[Shell Scheme Package]

 Membership of Organizer or Cooperation Organization - JPY 280,000 (Inc. tax, JPY 302,400)
 General - JPY 290,000 (Inc. tax, JPY 313,200)

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