IR Fair Planning cooperationThe Japan Society of Infrared Science and Technology

Items on Display

  • [Infrared materials / parts]
    Infrared glass, Infrared crystal, Infrared material, Infrared film / plate, Infrared lens, Infrared filter, Infrared laser, Infrared semiconductor laser, Infrared LED / module, Infrared lamp, Infrared light source, Infrared imaging device, Infrared photodiode, Other IR-related materials / parts
  • [Infrared products / systems / software]
    Infrared LED lighting, Infrared spectrometer, Infrared microscopy / Infrared zoom microscope, Thickness gauge infrared, Infrared gas concentration sensor, Infrared radiation temperature sensors, Thermal image measurement device, Biometric authentication device / inspection equipment, Night vision device / Night vision, Image processing software, Other infrared sensor, Infrared camera, Infrared thermography, Infrared surveillance camera system, Infrared digital camera, Remote sensing system, Infrared remote control, Infrared communication system, Other infrared-related products and systems
  • [Other]
    Heat source equipment, Infrared peripheral equipment / devices, Support equipment, Infrared associated software, Other related equipment, Parts, Equipment, Systems
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