Special Zone Visible light / Advanced Laser Application Zone Organized byConsortium of Visible Laser Diode Applications Co-organized byLaser Display Technology Research Group, The Optical Society of Japan Cooperated byレーザー学会 レーザーの自動車応用専門委員会/Study Group of Optical Wireless Power Transmission, The Laser Society of Japan/
レーザー学会 光感性委員会/Japan Photonics Council Kansai

Visible light / Advanced Laser Application Zone Outline

Visible semiconductor lasers can bring a dramatic energy-saving effect and now offer three-color RGB. They are expected to become a huge industry in Japan, as they are applied to new services as well as existing products. By seeing various related products in this zone, you can explore the different applications of visible semiconductor laser diodes with their high potential and future possibilities. Many concurrent events such as the technical seminars and symposiums will be held and many researchers playing key roles in this area will participate. Please use this opportunity at the best space to promote your laser-related technology / products.

Items on Display

Products and Technologies for Visible light / Advanced Laser Application

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JPY 200,000 → Special Zone Price JPY 120,000 (Ex, tax)
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  • 100V(200W)electrical outlet
  • Spotlight : x1
  • Folding chair : x 1
  • Carpet

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