Guideline for Applicants

Number of exhibition stands :
240 booths
Application deadline :
10 (Fri) September, 2021 (5% discount of exhibition fee by 25 June)
Trial discount :
First time exhibitor can receive a 10% discount of exhibition fee.
Note : Multiple discounts are not available.
Cancellation Policy :
Please review our Terms and Condition (PDF)

Items on Display

IR Fair

  • [Infrared materials / parts]
    Infrared glass, Infrared crystal, Infrared material, Infrared film / plate, Infrared lens, Infrared filter, Infrared laser, Infrared semiconductor laser, Infrared LED / module, Infrared lamp, Infrared light source, Infrared imaging device, Infrared photodiode, Other IR-related materials / parts
  • [Infrared products / systems / software]
    Infrared LED lighting, Infrared spectrometer, Infrared microscopy / Infrared zoom microscope, Thickness gauge infrared, Infrared gas concentration sensor, Infrared radiation temperature sensors, Thermal image measurement device, Biometric authentication device / inspection equipment, Night vision device / Night vision, Image processing software, Other infrared sensor, Infrared camera, Infrared thermography, Infrared surveillance camera system, Infrared digital camera, Remote sensing system, Infrared remote control, Infrared communication system, Other infrared-related products and systems
  • [Other]
    Heat source equipment, Infrared peripheral equipment / devices, Support equipment, Infrared associated software, Other related equipment, Parts, Equipment, Systems

Optical Thin Film Fair

  • [Optical thin film application product]
    Camera lens, Eyeglass lens, Optical filter, Enhanced reflection mirror, Half mirror, Anti-reflective coating, Multi-layer eco-glass (LOWE film), Selective absorption film (solar water heater, etc.), Other optical thin film application product
  • [Optical thin-film manufacturing / processing equipment / materials]
  • [Optical thin film design software]
  • [Optical thin film peripheral equipment, / related equipment, Other]

Spectroscopy Fair

  • [Various spectroscopic measurement / analysis equipment]
    Absorption spectroscopy, Emission spectroscopy, Visible / Ultraviolet spectroscopy, Infrared / Raman spectroscopy, Terahertz spectroscopy, Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, Light scattering spectroscopy, Photoelectron spectroscopy, Photo-acoustic spectroscopy, Acousto-optical spectroscopy
  • [Spectroscopic element / device]
    Prism, Mirror, Lens, Diffraction grating, Spectroscope, Spectrometer, Monochromator, Micro-spectroscopic element
  • [Spectrometer and peripheral equipment for each use]
    Biometric measurement device, Material measuring device, Molecular spectrometer, Colorimeter, Mobile spectrometer, Microspectroscopic imaging system, Display spectrometer, Film thickness measuring device, Atomic absorption spectrometer, Spectrum analyzer, ICP analyzer, Ultrafast spectroscope, Ultrashort pulse laser, Near infrared analyzer, High-speed non-destructive measurement device, Liquid material inspection device, Medical spectroscopic imaging device, Astronomical observation spectroscopic device, Multimode spectroscopic altimeter, DLP device, Other related equipment

UV Fair

  • [Ultraviolet related products]
    Ultraviolet light source, Ultraviolet detector, Ultraviolet optical materials, Ultraviolet applied technology (Security, Medical photonics, Lighting, Plasma sterilization, Pest control, Ultraviolet analyzer, Marking, Photolithography, Light curing related products, etc.)

Laser Science Technology Fair

  • [Laser related products]
    Semiconductor laser, Femtosecond laser, Fiber laser, Parts for laser, LED, Various light sources, Light-receiving element, Optical fiber, Optical connector, Various optical passive components, Control parts, Various laser products

Optics Fair

  • [Optics related products]
    Lens, Mirror, Prism, Filter, Diffractive optical element, Various optical elements, Micro-optical element, Silicon photonics, Spectrometer, Interferometer, Microscope, Telescope, Various optical products, Optical peripheral and support equipment, Optical material, Optical software
  • [Prototype processing related products / Service]

Laser Application Sensor Fair

  • Light sensor, CMOS sensor, CCD sensor, Laser sensor, Photoelectric sensor, Infrared sensor, LIDAR sensor, Light receiving element, Illuminance, Proximity sensor, Brightness sensor, Color sensor, Image sensor, Camera, Optical distance measuring sensor, Optical position sensor (PSD), Optical fiber sensor, Photo interrupter, Photodiode, Phototransistor, Photo micro sensor, Photoreflector, Spectroscopic sensor, Spectrometer, Radiation temperature sensor, Photo coupler, Laser Doppler meter, Rotary encoder, Various light MEMS sensor, Various optical IC sensors and other related equipment / measuring equipment / peripheral equipment etc.